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Noted Clock Repairman in Chelsea Tackles City Hall Clock Repair

Paul Calantropo professional jeweler clock maker

It's been a long while since the hands on the Chelsea City Hall tower clock turned, but rest assured, they'll be keeping time with pinpoint accuracy after this week.

Paul Calantropo, a Chelsea resident and esteemed clock repairman in Boston and Chelsea, reported this week that he will be installing the fully repaired clock later this week and over the weekend. By next month, it should be fully operational.

"I kept trying to get them to repair it, but they were always short of funds," he said at his Chelsea workshop on Monday. "I did a few little things in 2007, but there was never any money for a full repair. It was embarrassing to have that not working in Chelsea... Read more...

Kendall Square clock gets its tick-tock back

Paul Calantropo professional jeweler clock maker

The Cambridge Clock is a complete rebuild by Paul Calantropo.The clock was installed in the early 1920's when the Art Deco building was first constructed.

The clock mechanism is a Seth Thomas Tower Clock which is unusual for this part of the country as most of the tower clocks in this area were made by E .Howard a Boston company. Total time to rebuild this clock approximately one month.

Paul Calantropo also rebuilt the City of Saugus Town Hall Tower Clock situated in the fantastic spire which is a monument to 1870's style architecture. Not only repairing the clock but also designing and installing a chiming system that is heard in the downtown Saugus area. Read more...

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