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Over the past 200 years jewelry has gone through interesting periods with their own styles. Jewelry that has been passed on from a person's estate after their death is estate jewelry.
The term is now used to include any jewelry for sale that is not new.When it is 100 years old, it becomes antique jewelry. At 50 years it is sometimes termed semi-antique and can even be collectible.
Like fine art, estate and antique jewelry gains a special quality over the years from being cherished by its owners and admired by others.
Here is one of unique pieces from our shop.

Platinum and diamond galleon
brooch, Mauboussin, Paris, circa 1935

A charming depiction of a 17th century square-masted vessel with 2 decks was created sixty-eight years ago by an important French House.Today the wind in its sails seems just as fresh. There are 2.50 carats of diamonds. The craftsmanship is as expected - excellent.

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